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Welcome to Kikiverde Handmade: a Journal of my Handmade Life.

About the name: One of my favorite quotes reads “Green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises.” A combination of my nickname (Kiki) and the word verde (which translates as “green”) create the name of my blog and business. This joining together reflects my commitment to a life that is joyfully inspired by the world around me.

A little about me: My name is Kristen Carrasco and I started blogging in 2007 as a way to chronicle the goings-on of my everyday life and to help overcome the pain & isolation of chronic illness through creative pursuits. This blog is a sort of a hodge-podge account of my mostly-handmade hobbies — cooking, gardening, crafts, DIY, photography, reading, design, home decor, nature walks and other little adventures.

I live with my hubby, Michael, and our rescued Australian Cattle Dog, Ranger, in a little city called Laurel, which is about halfway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. (You’ll also see lots of mentions about Tucker and Ginger. Ginger is my mom’s Australian Cattle Dog/Sheltie mix, and Tucker was our Australian Cattle Dog/Corgi mix who has gone over the rainbow bridge. We’re a cattle-dog-loving family!)

I have a soft spot for pine cones, owls, and paisley.

About my recipes: Over the past few years I have developed various food allergies intolerances — the big ones being dairy, wheat, and most recently, seafood. Starting in 2014 all of the recipes on my blog are gluten free and dairy free. (Before that, who knows what you will find!) As a self-taught cook, I love experimenting with ingredients to create new recipes from scratch, as well as finding recipes from magazines or cook books that I can re-work into a meal that I am able to enjoy.

About my craft: Handmade craft has been a love of mine starting from a very young age. My mom jokes that during the age of Velcro she bribed me into learning how to tie my shoes by telling me that I wouldn’t be able to do crafts in Kindergarten if I didn’t know how to tie — I learned that day. I decided to major in Graphic Design when I went to college and have worked over the years doing freelance design projects. I also run an Etsy gift shop that showcases my handmade jewelry, crafts, and designs. You can check it out here.

10 Random things about me:
I was a strict Vegetarian for over 10 years and while I’m not anymore I still look forward to Meatless Monday.

I was born and raised in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania and have lived in Rochester, NY, Albuquerque, NM, and two different cities in Maryland.

I am a Cancer born on the cusp of Leo, which makes me a crabby lion. Unfortunately, this is a sometimes accurate depiction of my personality. [INFP]

I’m a comma splicer, and I know run on sentences are grammatically incorrect, but I use them anyway.

I don’t like eating or drinking from plasticware. (Or paper, or styrofoam…)

I feel really special when something other than junk mail arrives addressed with my name.

I’m super-allergic to cats and horses. [ETA: And apparently pretty much everything else, too.]

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 24, but probably had it for many years prior. I also suffer from chronic “Vestibular” migraines. I don’t want illness to define my life, but it has definitely played a huge part in my personal growth over the last 10 + years, and through that suffering I re-ignited my true calling & joy.

I used to hate football, but since living in the Baltimore area, I have grown into a die-hard Ravens fan. [ETA: You can find me at Orioles games as well, sigh.]

When I am feeling melancholy I watch Corgi videos on YouTube to feel better.

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