Clickbait 09

Clickbait. You know you can’t resist. This post may contain affiliate links that help support this blog, time-wasters, and actual helpful or interesting pieces of information. Like Buzzfeed, but 10% less obnoxious. Formerly known as Sunday Smorgasbord.

So, what am I clicking on this week? Check it out:

I saw this video and realized that I have been using a seam ripper incorrectly for my entire life. Are you also doing it wrong?

I’m almost positive I’ve shared this before but I’m sharing it again now that we appear to have exited the ice age stage of winter. 100 Free & Almost Free things to do in D.C.

Close Talkers and Double Dippers: 15 Phrases ‘Seinfeld’ Spawned.

5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning.

A blog home with some free printables for Easter. I dig the pinwheel.

The Disease of Being Busy. A really good read.

How are you celebrating National Craft Month? Craftsy is offering a BIG sale with all online classes up to 50% off so that you can spend this month (and beyond) doing more of what you love. Money-back guarantee. Sale ends Monday 3/16.

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