Clickbait 07

Clickbait. You know you can’t resist. This post may contain affiliate links that help support this blog, time-wasters, and actual helpful or interesting pieces of information. Like Buzzfeed, but 10% less obnoxious. Formerly known as Sunday Smorgasbord.

So, what am I clicking on this week? Check it out:

13 Hilarious Baking Fails That Will Make You Feel 100% Better About Your Own Attempts

Every State Described by a Single Sarcastic Line from a Bitter Resident

10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of (And what to do about it!)

23-year-old hasn’t produced any trash in two years. This is so cool. The title is a bit misleading because she has produced trash, but it can fit in a jar on her countertop! (Thank you Cindy for sharing!)

5 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs in Your Own Backyard

P.S. Thanks for all the Instagram love about my little studio heater! I got it at Plow & Hearth. You can find it here. It’s even on sale this week! (Affiliate link.)

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