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Good Morning! I’m writing this on Saturday morning and it is literally freezing. It was 28 when we woke up this morning and hovering right at 32 now. Brr. My mom sent me a coupon code that she found (Save $15 on Orders $75+ Use Code: LSPHSAVE15) for Plow & Hearth because she knew that I’ve been looking at getting an electric fireplace for my studio. We love the one we have in our living room and I saw a smaller option in ivory that would be perfect for my studio. My studio is the coldest room in the house– it doesn’t get any direct sun during the day and it’s also at the end of the line for the heating system. It’s downright frigid in there in the mornings and since I’m often in there before the sun comes up I need something to take off the chill. One should never get this excited about a space heater, but I totally am.

Last weekend, the weather was brisk but sunny and we spent the afternoon at Patapsco State Park which is near our old stomping grounds. We woke up early, actually, at our usual time because of turning the clocks back. I know that I am strongly affected by it getting dark so early and I wanted to make sure to start off the change by getting as much sunlight as I possibly could. And I also wanted to gather leaves and pine cones and acorns so that I can use them in my crafting adventures.

Before I forget, for anyone else who suffers from seasonal affective disorder, have you heard of the Happy Light? My friend Julia recommended one to me last year and it’s helped me a lot. I have this one which fits perfectly in my studio.

Have you been listening to the Serial podcast? We have. And like a million others, we are obsessed. Morbid alert: Last weekend on our way to the park I was like Hey… While we’re out here we should detour by that Best Buy and see if you could even get away with a murder there. (The answer is yes. It’s a sketchy lot with a tucked away corner.) I think the story is even more intriguing when you’re familiar with the areas in the story. It makes it more real in your mind. Though I did feel like a little bit of a weirdo checking out the parking lot. Whatever! I’m sure I’m not the only one in the area who has done it! I think that’s one of the reasons I love Laura Lippman’s mysteries so much, because I’ve traveled those roads and walked through those parks. (I prefer her stand-alone books to the Tess Monaghan series.) I still don’t know whether or not I believe Adnan, or anyone else for that matter. (What’s up with Jay? And the phone records?) What I do believe is that no one is telling the complete truth.

Onto brighter pastures…

We had Pan-Roasted Sausages with Apples, Onions, and Sage for dinner on Friday night and both hubby and I agree that it was awesome and is going on the must-make-again list. We made a couple substitutions- Granny Smith apples instead of Golden Delicious and instead of chicken stock we used an equal amount of hard cider. It was perfect for a chilly fall day!

I really enjoyed this article about keeping the Sabbath even if you’re not religious. “Whenever I finally force myself away from my desk for a day, of course, I find the opposite: the more time I spend away from my work, the better that work will be, most often.”

Something to think about: How to support the bloggers you love.

Usually, I share at least one craft project that piques my interest but I don’t have any for today. Shocking! I have been pinning like a madwoman in the evenings (while watching Gilmore Girls, naturally) and there are a lot of great projects on my Pinterest boards. Especially the Autumn Crafting & Decor board.

On Breaking a Homebody Habit. (And Why You Sometimes Should.) Oh, this is so, so me.

That’s all for today, folks. Hubby has off from work on Monday and Tuesday which means I’m also taking those days off and hope to do something fun/productive. Like painting acorns and glittering leaves and building a mantel shelf for a wall which would be even more awesome if it had a fireplace but it just has that electric fireplace that I posted about way back there somewhere. I can’t do anything about the lack of fireplace but I can build a pretty shelf where I can hang bunting. This also means that I may not be posting anything else here this week. I have a quick tutorial I want to share but I’m not sure if I will be able to get to it. We’ll see. Until next time!




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  1. Your photos are great and show everything beautiful about Fall! I will have to look for that podcast to keep the seasonal affective disorder at bay! 😉 Thanks for sharing.

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