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Chaos and Sunshine

The time has gotten away from me again– I can hardly believe that June’s end is near. This month has been joyous and full, hot, and tough at times. Hubby and I have spent hours in the garden, weeding and planting, weeding, watering, and weeding. This past weekend we traveled to western Pennsylvania where my extended family lives so that we could celebrate my Gramma Freda’s 90th birthday. I took my camera along but didn’t actually take a single picture. I was so caught up in family and living in the moment that it stayed in my bag. I do wish I thought to take it out to share with you photos of my aunt Linda’s beautiful flower beds and wrap-around porch. We spent Saturday evening out there chatting over herbal tea and beer and it was so lovely and peaceful.

My front flower bed is wild and unruly and feels very much like the current state of life right now– there are not enough hours in the day (nor energy in my bones) to do everything my heart desires and so some things just don’t get done or aren’t taken care of the way they deserve. The flowers there have been reseeded from years past and we just sort of let them be. The only thing we’ve added this year are two small (for now) Lantana that we picked up from the Baltimore Herb Festival in May. I like things a little wild and dream of the organized chaos of cottage-style gardens but for now I’m doing alright with just the chaos. Someday, it will come.

We’ve cooled off after hot days of tiresome garden work with frosty-cold snowballs from Sarem’s and taken advantage of cooler summer evenings with campfires in our fire bowl and marshmallows on skewers. I love the crackle, pop, hiss of the fire and the crispy skin of the marshmallow, insides melted and gooey. We sit outside as the sun sets and when it gets dark we look at the stars and reminisce about years gone by, occasionally toss the ball at Mr. Tucker, who is often hesitant to get close to the fire but can often be bribed to come closer by the promise of a few licks of sticky marshmallow fingers. If only all of life could be so calm and peaceful!

I dialed back the chaos a bit on the shop front; my body started to fight back at the demanding hours and so I’ve taken a bit of much-needed time off. (After deep cleaning the house– it really needed it– I did low-key yet ultra-important things like re-organizing my Pinterest boards and catching up on Downtown Abbey.) I’m very excited about the rivershell necklaces I’m working on– a modern twist on an opera-length necklace, they will be available in two colors to coordinate with the blue and green rivershell earrings. Other things in store for the next few weeks and months (respectively) are swing earrings in additional colors and a line of art prints. I can’t wait to share a sneak peek!