Minty the Candy Cane

If you’re a Conan fan, you might recognize this guy from last year– he’s Minty the Candy Cane and he may have fallen on the ground for just a moment or two. (Click here to go to Conan’s site if you are confused.) This is quite potentially the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever made…

Last year M was so taken with the idea of Minty and he sang the Minty song ad nauseam. When he started singing about Minty again this year, I decided he needed his very own Minty Christmas ornament for the tree. I constructed this guy out of felt and embroidery floss, and a real penny. (Please don’t tattle on me to the Federal Reserve.)

He even has an anatomically correct backside– bugs and all!

Happy Holidays– may they be most excellent and spent NOT on the ground and NOT covered in poo.

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