Sunday Morning Smorgasbord 9/14/14


Good morning! It feels more quiet than usual this morning. Perhaps it is the impending shower, the skies heavy and gray. My only companion this morning is a lone cricket that I hear chirping somewhere just outside the window and the low rumble and whistle of the train off in the distance, no doubt ushering in the stormy weather. It’s uncanny the cues we get from our own bodies and our surroundings about the changes coming in the world around us. After living here for a few years I’ve noticed that you can only hear the train passing through when …

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Pineapple Almond Chicken Salad- Jason’s Deli Copycat Recipe


So it’s Souptember, but what goes better with soup than a sandwich? One of my favorite things about Jason’s Deli (besides the salad bar and the fact that they’re über allergy-friendly) is the sweet and crunchy pineapple almond chicken salad spread. What I order 9 times out of 10: chicken salad sandwich, salad bar + a scoop of chicken salad, half chicken salad sandwich + a cup of tortilla soup. Notice a trend? Yes, I go through the motions of looking through the gluten-free menu but more often than not I get the chicken salad. And if I order turkey …

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Old MacDonald’s Chicken Alphabet Soup


I’ve been so excited about sharing this recipe with you not because it’s delicious (though it is) but so I can explain how I came to name it Old MacDonald’s Chicken Alphabet Soup. If you haven’t figured it out yet, start singing that old familiar tune from childhood. Have you figured it out yet? I named the soup after Old MacDonald because it’s filled with E I E I O’s! Go ahead, you can laugh now. I sure am. In addition to being fun to eat, and building your vocabulary, it also builds up your immune system thanks to the …

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Homemade Chicken Stock


If I’m being completely honest here, making homemade stock is not something that I do often. Because it’s Souptember, I thought it was the perfect time to make up a big batch of stock to use in my soup recipes. I’d really like to make more of an effort to waste less (and be more frugal!) so in the future when we roast a chicken I’m going to make my best effort to use the remaining bones that we normally throw away to make a batch of stock even if it’s a smaller batch and we end up freezing it …

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Sunday Smorgasbord 9/7/14


I’m playing a bit of catch-up here since it has been awhile since my last Sunday post. For those that don’t know, my Grandma Freda passed away a couple of weeks ago and over Labor Day weekend we traveled to western Pennsylvania to attend her funeral. It was a difficult trip to make when you take into consideration that I haven’t been feeling quite like myself lately and the fact that I had to bring most of my own food. Shopping for gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen-friendly food in the middle of nowhere when you’re staying in a hotel with a cooler …

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Farmer’s Market Minestrone with Spinach-Basil Pesto


I’ve decided to do another short series on the blog– I’m dubbing this month Souptember and I plan to share a few of my own tasty soup recipes with you! I’m keeping it short and sweet and probably going to do only one recipe a week because so much has been going on behind the scenes over here. Labor day weekend we packed up the car and headed to the middle of nowhere (near St. Mary’s) in western Pennsylvania for a funeral. (This is also why I missed out on this week’s Sunday Smorgasbord post as well.) My Grandma Freda …

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Sunday Smorgasbord 8/24


When I started this series I wasn’t really in love with the title “Links I Love” but I couldn’t seem to come up with anything better and didn’t want to put off starting just because I didn’t have a catchy name. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and have been bothering hubby about it. He suggested Sunday Smorgasbord which I have decided to use since these posts are truly a hodgepodge of material, change often from week to week and thus embody the spirit of a smorgasbord. Plus, it reminds me of my childhood in Pennsylvania where you …

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Make it: Serenity Now Bath Soaking Salts


Does anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld where they all start using the mantra Serenity Now! but they’re all yelling it in an anything-but-serene tone of voice? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can see a highlights clip here.) Well, some days that’s me. Lately, it’s been me a lot. I’ll spare you the details but over the past few months I’ve been dealing with flare-ups of Rheumatoid Arthritis and migraines which have affected me both physically and emotionally. And it’s likely all due to (or exacerbated by) stress. I am in dire need of a …

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Garden Overhaul

Despite one’s best intentions in the garden, there will be weeds. In some cases, a lot of weeds. In this case, well, let’s just say that drastic measures had to be taken. Check out that first photo and you’ll see exactly what I mean. We decided that if we were going to win the war on weeds (and you don’t ever really win) that we were going to have make some big changes. This involved pulling out the old garden beds, digging up all of the areas which had previously been mulched and going into the belly of the beast …

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Links I Love 8/10


I mentioned last weekend that we went to Behnke Nurseries, a local garden store, to attend the edible garden chat but I neglected to share the photos I took! They have this really cool working garden set up on the concrete outside of the main building with recycled and re-purposed materials to act as planters for tomatoes, squash, beans, and peppers. The air was also filled with pollinators and I managed to sneak up on a bumblebee and a skipper as they were doing their thing. I’m so fascinated by these creatures. You think you know what they look like …

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