Garden Overhaul

Despite one’s best intentions in the garden, there will be weeds. In some cases, a lot of weeds. In this case, well, let’s just say that drastic measures had to be taken. Check out that first photo and you’ll see exactly what I mean. We decided that if we were going to win the war on weeds (and you don’t ever really win) that we were going to have make some big changes. This involved pulling out the old garden beds, digging up all of the areas which had previously been mulched and going into the belly of the beast …

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Links I Love 8/10


I mentioned last weekend that we went to Behnke Nurseries, a local garden store, to attend the edible garden chat but I neglected to share the photos I took! They have this really cool working garden set up on the concrete outside of the main building with recycled and re-purposed materials to act as planters for tomatoes, squash, beans, and peppers. The air was also filled with pollinators and I managed to sneak up on a bumblebee and a skipper as they were doing their thing. I’m so fascinated by these creatures. You think you know what they look like …

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“Hawaiian” Fried Rice


So let me start off by saying that as far as I know there is nothing inherently Hawaiian about this fried rice. If you add ham (or spam) and pineapple to something it somehow automatically makes it Hawaiian, right? Not really, but after thinking about what I should actually call this recipe, Hawaiian Fried Rice seemed to be the most descriptive and makes the most sense even though it doesn’t. My apologies to actual Hawaiians. But the rice is tasty! Really, it’s quite delicious. I use day-old (ish) rice and stir fry it with cubed ham, pineapple, water chestnuts, sweet …

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Simple Cucumber Tomato Salad


One of my favorite parts of summer is that it’s the season of possibility. In the early spring, you can plant a seed and by the summertime it is (hopefully) a fully grown plant producing an abundance of the freshest fruit or vegetable imaginable– especially when it comes from your own back yard garden or from the farmer down the road who sells parts of his bounty at the local farmers market. A cucumber can be harvested from the garden and sliced into a salad for dinner that evening. Colorful heirloom tomatoes can be plucked and enjoyed directly off the …

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Links I Love 8/3/14


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I missed posting last weeks links because I was having a Pop-Up Shop event/release party for my new line of Art Prints on Sunday at my home studio and the week leading up to the event pretty much anything and everything went wrong including the failure of not only my main printer, but my back-up printer as well. There is now a fancy-schmancy new printer (named Lucy) currently taking up residence in my studio. Then, because I stressed myself to the max and stayed up way past my bedtime leading up to the …

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Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad or Pasta Dinner (Gluten & Dairy Free!)


I love pasta. There is something so comforting and homey about a meal of pasta. Perhaps it’s that the carbs are sending happy signals to my brain, maybe it’s the bit of Italian in me that remembers big pots of spaghetti and meatballs with sauce when we visited Grandma’s house. All of my cousins sitting at the kids table giggling and sucking up our long spaghetti noodles in the most unbecoming of ways that only a child, not yet fully aware of manners, can muster. This recipe for Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad is really versatile– It can either be enjoyed …

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Links I Love 7/20


This post is brought to you by meat and veggies with rice, Ranger the dog, and road construction. Did you have nice weather this week? We did! Aside from a couple days with severe thunderstorms the weather was gorgeous. It was nice enough on Thursday to open up the windows and let the fresh breeze blow through the house. Naturally, this was also the day that the city decided to start road work on the street right outside of our house so I eventually had to shut the windows to get some peace and quiet. I’m talking about a giant …

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Old-Fashioned English Pea Salad with Pimientos


When I was little, one of my favorite places to go out to eat with my family was Ponderosa. Most kids aren’t a fan of vegetables but I definitely was. No cheeseburger or chicken nuggets for me, no thanks, I’ll have the salad bar. That’s what I loved about Ponderosa. I remember crying once because when the waitress came to take our order my mom ordered a kids meal for me– I really wanted the salad bar. But she was smart and frugal– If you ordered a meal you could add on the salad bar for an additional dollar, or …

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Mixed Berry Fruit Salad with Jalapeño Mojito Sauce


One of my favorite things about summer is the delicious abundance of fruit and berries that are available fresh from the farmers market or in the locally-grown section of the grocery store. I’ll often make a lunch out of a bowl of fruit and a cup of my favorite soy yogurt. (Whole Soy, I’m talking about you!) I tend to graze on much smaller meals when it’s really hot out and fruit always seems to hit the spot. This Mixed Berry Fruit Salad is really special because it has hints of mojito flavors from lime and mint it’s also laced …

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Links I Love 7/13


I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through July. I’m feeling a little bit pout-y this morning as I realize that Summer is almost half over. The weather here in Maryland has been a bit unpredictable and this week it has stormed or threatened to storm almost every evening which has put a major wrench in my regular date with the pool after supper. (Which really sucks during a heat wave!) The major silver lining in this storm cloud was the most gorgeous rainbow I’ve ever seen. It shone fully from end to end, with a second rainbow visible at the …

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